Promise Land Project

The Lord has given Trinity an opportunity to acquire a much needed edifice. As with the children of Israel, God has done some miraculous things in our infancy and given us some promises. It has always been God, through his people; that churches have been established. In the book of Exodus God promised his people a land flowing with milk and honey; yet they still had to possess the land and there were some GIANTS preventing there ownership. We know that God began this work of Trinity as a plant church and have seen the GIANTS as the twelve spies  in Numbers 13 but we are not afraid; because God keeps his promises. As Caleb stated in Numbers 13:30 “Let us go up at once, and possess it; for we are well able to overcome it.”

Beloved there is not one church in existence today that has not necessitated the financial support of the body of Christ to fulfill God’s purpose. As a child, many of you can remember the legacy your parents, family, neighbors and friends who supported a church building and or purchase project. It was an exciting time for the church as it was a God thing!

The willing heart of the people; those like you in giving; directly resulted in acquiring houses of worship to serve as places of refuge while fulfilling the great commission (spreading of the gospel of Jesus Christ) through outreach, development of the family, strengthening marriages, nurturing our youth, and giving hope to the hopeless just to name a few.

As you view this site we ask your prayers and financial support in helping us to acquire a house of worship. Select one of the giving widgets and make your contribution securely online today!

Make a contribution today and continue the legacy of planting that the  Gospel of Jesus Christ can be shared perpetually,  any amount you give will be used for church purchase. For your love gift of $1000.00, we will place your name on a stone as a memorial in our Fountain Garden. Whatever your contribution, it will be memorialized as a part of our church’s history.  Will you Kingdom Build with us Today?  We know that God will bless you for your love gift to Trinity so donate today!